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Postcard From the Dead

The first words I heard that day were “Smell this!” It was 8:45 am and I had just walked into the office. Mr Green, the head of security, was holding out an Arizona Ice Tea bottle. It was clearly something he … Continue reading

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You Know You Went to Patriot If…

The following statements were found on a website called “You Know You Went to Patriot High If…” ____________ When randon nicoas would come up to you n b like “I got that good shit” You know you went to patriot … Continue reading

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Stay Low

The day The Streak ended, I was having a beer with a friend after work and I kept bringing the topic of conversation back to the insanity at Patriot, despite my best efforts. She interrupted me and said, “You know, … Continue reading

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A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas miracle occurred yesterday. There was no violence at Patriot High School. It’s ironic that the streak ended yesterday, because the morning began with Dean Martinez leaning over my desk and whispering that there was going to be a … Continue reading

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Blood Hound

I picked up the scent at a shattered glass window in a stairwell door on the top floor. It’s the kind of glass that is embedded with wires to prevent it from breaking into a million pieces. Safety glass, they … Continue reading

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Death Wish

When I was weighing whether or not to take this job, I asked a veteran dean how bad it was and he told me that during his entire first year, he probably only had five bad days. He was trying to … Continue reading

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The Danes

An email was sent out yesterday, informing the staff that Patriot High School would be host to a group of Danish high school basketball players today. Each Dane was matched up with a host student from the Patriot High basketball … Continue reading

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