A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas miracle occurred yesterday. There was no violence at Patriot High School.

It’s ironic that the streak ended yesterday, because the morning began with Dean Martinez leaning over my desk and whispering that there was going to be a “big fight” eighth period. This after there had just been a riot two days earlier, resulting in 6 student arrests and several injured staff.

We are aware that the neighborhood and gang beefs that drive these incidents will never be fully squashed, but a second “big fight” so soon? Come on. I was starting to think that the kids were arranging these conflicts solely to ruin my life.

But even more disturbing than the rumors, was the fact that the deans weren’t briefed about them. But apparently SOMEBODY had been, because by the end of the day, the safety agent ranks had been beefed up to twice their normal number, police officers were walking the halls, and the Head of Security for the whole district was even sticking his dome into some uncomfortable places. He popped into our office, in fact, just as Dave and I were sharing a particularly raucous laugh over last night’s episode of “Louie.”

“How’s it going in here?” He asked us with a deadly smile.

“FINE!” we responded in tight-lipped unison. And as his long neck withdrew from the doorway, Dave projected his voice, saying, “SO, PISTOL, WHAT DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD DO WITH THIS SUSPENSION HERE?”

“Who was that?” I whispered when he’d gone.

“That’s Mr. Greene’s boss.”


After Dave and I were sure that the boss-man was gone we started taking odds on the chances of a “big fight” actually happening and thereby extending The Violence Streak. I gave it a 65% chance at the time, but as the periods went by and the final bell drew closer, the odds dwindled and dwindled, until they were gone.


All it took was a small army of police, safety agents, and big-wigs in suits, but after two long months, finally a single day without violence.

Thank you, Santa.

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