Day At The Office pt 6

Fifth case of the day:

I was trying to grade some homework at my desk as Dean Jake handed out a couple suspensions to some kids who ran from him in the halls. One of them had a hoodieover his head and wouldn’t shut the fuck the up.

“Yo, why I’m suspended!” He kept asking in between laughing and cursing with his friend. After it was calmly explained to him by Jake for the third time, he yelled, “I don’t care! Y’all faggots!”

I couldn’t stand it anymore so I threw my pen down, turned to him and said, “Why do you even come to school?”

He looked at me like I just asked if I could kiss him on the mouth and sneered, “WHAT?”

Slowly and clearly, I said, “Why. Do. You. Come. Here? Stay. Home.”

“Nigga, I’m not talkin’ to you!” He yelled angrily.

“You’re in my office so you ARE talking to me. And if you don’t care like you say you don’t, then just don’t come. Please. I’m begging you.” I was shaking with anger now but I turned back to my papers and tried to focus. But I could still hear him, “This motherfucker right here…. thinks he’s……. tryin’ to be………. yo, this is when I shoot niggas in the face…..”

I threw my pen down again. “What the fuck did you say?”

“WHAT!!” He yelled back at me in the “What the fuck you gonna do about it??” tone.

“What did you say?” I repeated. I needed an admission to make a case stick against him.

“I don’t know. What DID I say?” He replied mockingly.

“Say it again!” I yelled. “You wanna shoot someone in the face? Say it again!”

“OHHHH, THAT’S WHAT I SAID? IS THAT WHAT I SAID??” He had that, “Is baby gonna cry??” look on his face now.

Then his friend yelled, “He ain’t say that! I’m a witness!”

I walked over to Jake, “This motherfucker needs to leave. Now!”

Jake sent both of them back to class. “Sorry Pistol,” he said. “I should have sent him away earlier.” Then he looked down at the kid’s file.

“Man, long file. Huh. Just got out of jail too.”

“Great,” I said. “Just send me to Afghanistan already. It’ll be safer there and at least I’ll get to be outside.”

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