Day At The Office pt 5

Fourth case of the day:

Two large men walked into the office escorted by a safety agent who leaned over to Dave and whispered, “They’re a little irate.”

“You Dave?” One of them asked Dave aggressively while also smiling an odd smile. His friend stood there silently behind him with his arms crossed over his massive torso.

“Uh, yeah…” said Dave apprehensively.

“Where’s the boy shoved my niece yesterday?” The man barked.

“Um, and who are you?”

“I’m her uncle!” He shot back.

“And, do you have an appointment? Is anyone expecting you?”

“Nah! I don’t need no appointment!”

“I see. Well… I already spoke to the girl’s mother so there’s nothing more to-”

“I wanna see the boy that shoved my niece!” The man demanded.

“Listen,” said Dave. “I was there. I saw the whole fight. And I didn’t see anyone shove your niece besides the girl that she was fighting in our hallways. Okay? And frankly, it’s been your niece that’s been stirring the pot today by going around and pointing out this boy to everyone and trying to get things going again, so -”

The man, still smiling weirdly, leaned down toward Dave. “The FUCK you say?” he snarled. “You sayin’ it’s her fault?” The silent buddy took a step closer.

Dave was glancing nervously over at the safety agent now, “Uhh, I can take you to the principal sir, but there’s nothing more I can do for you here. I can’t just bring a student in to someone that’s not their guardian, you know.”

The men finally left with the safety agent and Dave looked around the office wide-eyed. “Where the hell are those cops when you need them?” The NYPD had just been in the office a few minutes earlier to remove an irate student. “And they just let anyone in here?” he continued. “Ohhhhhh, you’re NOT a parent? You DON’T have an appointment? You’re irate? SURE! COME ON IN! Jesus Christ!”

Down in the principal’s office, the “uncles” didn’t get much further in their quest to “talk” to the boy they were after, and they were eventually seen leaving the building shouting that the school is racist.

Fun day.

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