Day at the Office 4: Goldy Locks and the Three Bears

Fourth case of the day:

There were three cops in the deans office: one small, one medium, one large. Like three bowls of porridge. An overweight special ed girl, who was one person’s friend and another person’s enemy was startin’ to get loud. The cops told her to calm down but she rushed the dividing door to fight a girl in the other room anyway. The smallest cop shoved her away from the door with both hands.

“SIDDOWN!” He shouted.

She tumbled backward into the big bowl, who was standing there daydreaming with his hands in his pockets. The girl yelled at him, “GET OFF ME!!!” And she gave him a whack in the chin with her forearm. The big cop looked like someone had just dumped a bucket of ice water on his head. He blinked a couple of times, looked at the girl, raised his huge arms in the air, wrapped them around her neck and dropped her to the ground, breaking at least one chair in the process.

That’s when Vicki slowly rose from her desk, smiling one of those “this is so crazy, I’m just going to smile politely” smiles, and tip-toed out of the office into the safety of the hall. Our other secretary followed her. She was not smiling.

The girl turned on the water-works and started in with the crazy-screams, so the cops had to make an EDP (Emotionally Disturbed Person) call for an ambulance.

“What hospital did you go to last time?” the medium cop asked her. “Why? Because you won’t calm down. Yeah, but you hit my partner. We have to check you into a facility. Oh, you don’t like that facility? What hospital do you want to go to then? Okay, that one’s better for you? Fine.”

When I went to check on the secretaries, Vicki said, “You know this is nothing new, but I’m just tired. You know? I just had to get out of the office. And she has a history of this you know. People like that shouldn’t be in a normal school. Retawded people have incredible strength you know. My niece lives in a facility and when she gets angry, NO ONE can stop her. No one.”

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