Day At The Office pt 3

Second case of the day:

“ksschh… 52 on the third floor!!!!! 52 on the third floor!!!! kscchhhh….”  I didn’t have to ask for a room number. I new when I got the third floor that it would be obvious where the fight was. As I jogged down the hall toward the crowd that was trying to push its way into one of the classrooms, the radio was still blowing up. “52!!! 52!!!”

Pushing through the spectators is always scary because they get aggressive and you have to be even more aggressive back. When I managed to push my way into the room I saw that it was strewn with overturned desks, scattered papers, and students standing up against the wall. In the back corner two girls were screaming bloody murder and holding tight to the other’s hair with death grips. A large safety agent and Dean Jake were trying their hardest to pry them apart.

“Let go of her hair!!!” Shouted Dean Jake.


All of the opposing forces at work caused the whole awkward foursome to stumble dangerously towards an open window. But as soon as all the hair was pried out of all the hands, the bodies flew apart from each other and were instantly pinned against corners of radiators and the edges of wobbly desks by a bunch of safety agents. But the girls were still kicking and screaming, so Dean Jake took it up a notch and managed to wrap one girl’s body into something resembling a straight jacket and he held her like that as she thrashed her head from side to side like she was in The Exorcist.

“NOOOOOO!!!! I KILL HUH!!!! THAT’S THE SECOND TIIIIIIIME!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! THAT’S THE SECOND TIME THEY JUMPED ME IN MY CLASS!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T LIVE HERE ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!! I DON’T WANNA BE IN THIS CITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH HAAAA HHHAAAAA!!!!!!!!” Tears ran into the scratches on her face, and dripped from her chin in pink drops.

An assistant principal eventually got all students out of the room and into the library. I grabbed one of the fighter’s purses that was laying on the floor and we made a haggard parade to the deans office.

After we got inside, a group of girls began to congregate near the door and whenever someone would come or go they would try to rush inside and attack the Exorcist girl. We would push them out every time but they wouldn’t leave, They just kept pacing back and  forth behind the door like lions.

At one point I came out and yelled at them to go to class, threatening to suspend every one of them for 60 days. They slowly walked down the hall, cackling and screaming threats as they went. I followed with two safety agents and when we got close to them they screwed up their faces, turned to us and yelled “WE GOIN’ TO CLASS!” and pushed past us.

“kschhh….. 52 in front of the library!!! 52 in front of the library!!!! kschhh….”

Another fight…

I was still carrying the first girl’s purse as I jogged toward the library. I should probably sprint to fights, but I’m in no hurry anymore. I’d crawl if I could.

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