The Squirrel

A couple days ago, a teacher overheard some students talking about how kids are hiding weapons near the building. The next morning, the teacher decided to poke around in the bushes that hug the front steps of the main entrance to see if anything turned up. Not thirty seconds into his search, he spotted a large steak knife reflecting sunlight from under a shrub. The huge blade had been crudely sharpened with what appeared to be a rock.

Whether the weapon had been stashed near the entrance in order to be smuggled into the building at a later time, used in a planned attack at dismissal, or it was just a street weapon that someone hid there during the day to be picked up again when they left, I don’t know. But the the kids are telling us that we don’t know the half of it when it comes to weapons in and around the school. I heard they are even burying them under the front lawn, like nuts for the winter.

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