The Twilight Zone

The honeymoon is over, as they say.

When the semester started off chill, we were cautiously optimistic that the loss of a significant core of our thugs over the summer through deportation, prison, exiles to out-of-state relatives, graduation, and transfers to various alternative schools would pave the way for a better working and learning environment this year. But we are wrapping up the third shitty week in a row now, and there have only been four weeks of school in all. It is not looking good.

Today, for the second time in as many weeks, a mob of about nine students rushed into a classroom  and brutally assaulted a young man who was sitting there taking notes, leaving him barely conscious with with his head and arms dangling awkwardly off his desk. The thugs then calmly left the room with their hoods up and split up in different directions like they had just robbed a bank.

Luckily, Dean Dave and Mr. Green were nearby when it happened and they were able to corral most of them before they got away.

“So we were getting their IDs,” Dave recounted, “and then – I swear to God – it was like something out of the Twilight Zone. There were ten of the them standing right there and I turned my head for a second – literally one second – to talk to another kid, and when I turned back around, they were ALL gone. All ten of them. Vanished. The entire hall was empty from one end to the other. Mr. Green saw the same thing. He was like, ‘Where the HELL the did they go?'”

“They dip into the stairs?” I asked.

“We weren’t next to any stairs,” said Dave exasperatedly. “They’re like fucking ninjas. Mentally retarded ninjas.”

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2 Responses to The Twilight Zone

  1. babylon says:

    fast don’t lie.

  2. the pistol says:

    Dwight, play that thing that you play so well…

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