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A Great Flood

“I told you ta wear a red shirt taday!” My boss, AP Green shouted at a chubby kid in the deans office. The kid just grinned. He and his buddy were wearing blue, as usual. “Hey Pistol,” Green pointed at … Continue reading

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Alien Abduction

“Pistol! They need you down at the main entrance. Somebody’s gotta call 911.” “What? Where’s Mr Green?” “He’s gone for the day.” “Goddammit. Are you kidding me?” I grabbed my radio and took one more longing look at the clock … Continue reading

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I Shall Not Be Moved

I plumb forgot that grades were due Monday morning. So as soon as my lunch period started, I opened up the grading document on my computer and began methodically entering arbitrary numbers next to each of my students’ names. Okay, … Continue reading

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