Why We Do What We Do (Pt II)

Let’s be honest. Everyone knows the real reason why we do what we do. No, not the money, the power and the women – though those are perks.

The real reason can be summed up in two words:     July   +   August

“But Mister Pistol”, you say. “What about the ten months of the year when you are not on vacation? Surely you must get some fulfillment from all that time in the classroom. Otherwise, why would you stay?”

Listen, if it will make you stop pestering me about how meaningful my work must be, then fine… here:

She left a couple things out, but generally the letter is quite accurate. I am a wonderful person, for example. That’s not just an urban legend. And I guess I have to admit that getting a letter like this really does make the unpleasantness worthwhile.

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One Response to Why We Do What We Do (Pt II)

  1. duecy luecy says:

    getting prolific with this shiz

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