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The Wake Up Call : How I Survived a Mafia Hit Man

I No one likes to be woken up by a phone call. Personally, I don’t like to be woken up at all. I don’t care if it’s the morning sun filtered through lace curtains, with the sound of bacon snapping … Continue reading

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Why We Do What We Do (Pt II)

Let’s be honest. Everyone knows the real reason why we do what we do. No, not the money, the power and the women – though those are perks. The real reason can be summed up in two words:     July   + … Continue reading

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Everything is Okay

After a blissful week of standardized testing and no classes, the new term started today – and it started with a vengeance. As soon as the first bell rang, I felt like I was on the floor of the New … Continue reading

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