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The Quiz

  ….And the roll of the die says……. 3 days suspension, and a transfer to a different motherfucking teacher! Advertisements

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The Dungeon Master’s Guide

You guys remember Mahmoud, right? Well, how could you forget him? He had a real stick-to-your-ribs way with words after all. Ice-berg lettuce his oratory was not. In brief, he told everyone in the Dean’s office that he was going … Continue reading

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No Contest

Today was the hearing for Mahmoud, the kid who told Dean Jake he was going to wait for him outside and kill him, as well as a few other colorful phrases. And then, as he was leaving the building, he … Continue reading

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Take Me To Jamaica

I didn’t have a lesson plan for today because I was too busy getting drunk last night. I probably should have just taken a sick day, but I didn’t. You know, for the kids. So when I got to the … Continue reading

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Mr. Pollution

I tried to teach my students about the importance of using reusable and recyclable products, but all it got me was the nickname Mr. Pollution. I drink my coffee out of a styrofoam cup a couple times and all of … Continue reading

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To Catch a Thief

A quick update on the Egyptian death-threatener from the last post: I learned today that, as he was leaving the building on Friday after repeatedly yelling that he was going to kill Dean Jake if he saw him outside, he … Continue reading

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See You Outside

I was down in the Programing Office, stuffing my face with someone’s chocolate birthday cake, when the phone rang. Joe, the head of the Program Office picked it up and said, “Pistol, you’re needed in the Dean’s office immediately.” This … Continue reading