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The Berserker

Dean Jake is meeting with the father of a kid who is about to be suspended. The father is getting emotional because the suspension amounts to a violation of his son’s probation and means he’s gonna have to go to … Continue reading

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The Uncontrollable Force

I’ve been missing my train by mere seconds recently. The problem is, being five seconds late for the train makes me fifteen minutes late for work because I have to wait for the next train, and then I miss my … Continue reading

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To Beat Or Not To Beat

Hey you! Yeah you! You didn’t swipe ya card! Don’t gimme dat B.S! The old angry school aid in the cafeteria was doing her best to control the line. To get to my post in the caf I had to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Parents

IT WAS THE WORST OF TIMES. “Hello?” “Hi, this is Mister Pistol. I’m calling from Patriot High School and I’m trying to reach the guardian of Laquana Simmons.” “Yeah.” “Is this the mother?” “Yeah.” I started off talking like a … Continue reading

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Aliens Among Us

Earlier this year the school provided every student with an application to receive free lunches and they are trying hard to get them all turned in. We get money for every form, whether the student qualifies for the lunches or … Continue reading

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The Burn Cycle

The first words I heard all day were the erratic bursts of a subway loon. She was detonating her delusions from deep within the crowded car and they alighted on our heads like ash. “I’ll chop your body parts into … Continue reading


Mission Accomplished

After publicly thrashing the “Preventing Life Skills Deficits Training and Omelet Bar” that was so generously provided to us by Blackwater Services (or “B.S.” as the kids are calling it these days), what do I do next but sheepishly thumb … Continue reading

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