I Have a Note

Top Ten Best (Actual) Excuses for Missing My Class:

#10- We had to move to a new shelter.

#9- I was having my baby.

#8- I was getting an abortion.

#7- I got locked up.

#6- My moms got locked up.

#5- My friend was really worried about our other friend so we went to look for him, and he had hung himself in his bedroom.

#4- I was having facial reconstruction surgery. Mister, why was I born like this? Is it a mutation? Are we gonna study that in this class?

#3- My brother got shot. Mistah, what it mean when they say he “stable”?

#2- My dad was murdered on Friday. It’s in the paper.

#1- My uncle cut my auntie into little tiny pieces. Mistah, he crazy.

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