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The Circle Unbroken

Open School night was a few days ago and I was marveling at the absurdity of it all as I rattled home through the subway tunnels, a hundred feet beneath the vast ghetto that lies between my work and my … Continue reading

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No Child Left Behind

It was the middle of the period and not a creature was stirring, except for one wiry teenager with unkempt hair, walking with a pimp-limp down the middle of the hall like he owned the place. An over-sized leather jacket … Continue reading

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Of All The Gin Joints

In the seven years I’ve worked in this neighborhood I’ve only been able to find one decent eatery. It’s a clean West Indian spot with bright Guyanese flags out front and a big sign that says “Restaurant.” The lady that … Continue reading

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I Have a Note

Top Ten Best (Actual) Excuses for Missing My Class: #10- We had to move to a new shelter. #9- I was having my baby. #8- I was getting an abortion. #7- I got locked up. #6- My moms got locked … Continue reading

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Preventing Life Skill Deficits

As you may have gathered by now, my school has issues.  And if you are the type that requires hard data, here are some raw numbers to sharpen your teeth on: – Four-year graduation rate: 44% – Percentage of students … Continue reading

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The Kamikaze

Every time a kid does something wrong we read their discipline file, update all their contact information, and print out their attendance, report card, and transcript. We do this in order to get the broadest picture of how the kid … Continue reading

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Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated

Being in the deans office I am privy to a lot more gossip than I was as a mere teacher when I had nowhere to drink coffee and shoot the shit, and no secretaries to eavesdrop on. Still, information is … Continue reading

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