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Quest For Fire

I It’s good to get out of the building for a few minutes, even if it’s just to walk for a couple blocks through a bleak urban landscape lined with chop-shops, pigeon shit, and abandoned baby carriages. And it usually … Continue reading


The Purple Heart

I hadn’t laid eyes on the principal in weeks. Legend has it that she requires regular and carefully calibrated injections of animal grease to prevent her organ systems from clanking to a halt. I think this is why she rarely … Continue reading

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X-Ray Justice

Our school has scanning. What is ‘scanning’, you ask?  Think airport. That’s what it is. Sometimes I hear scanning mentioned in the public sphere in the context of how fascist city public schools are.  There’ll be a kid interviewed on … Continue reading

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“They turned down our superintendent’s suspension for Eriq,” the boss announced loudly. “We didn’t enter enough of his previous infractions onto tha system, so they didn’t have ’em on record. We gotta remember to do that!” “Great,” said Vicki, our … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of the Commons

I’ll be honest, I rarely go above and beyond in my classes (deans also teach 2 periods a day), not only because it’s hard to give them the attention they need when you’re also out in the halls battling hoodlums … Continue reading

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The Strip

I While teaching has its perks, plush business trips aren’t among them. Neither is an air-conditioned workplace, for that matter. But at least summer is over, so it’s been a while since I’ve had to push a steaming crowd  out … Continue reading

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The Tenth Question

“Oh my gawd!  You can see the grounds coming right through!” said one of the secretaries inspecting the coffee maker. She handed me a styrofoam cup, three quarters full with thick black sludge. “Heah ya gow!  That’ll put hayah on … Continue reading

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